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Investing in the healthcare sector is one of the most important investment trends. It is an investment in human growth, power, and sought by all countries around the world. Countries aim to invest in the healthcare sector to achieve growth and efficiency in the productivity of its societies. Which will reflect positively on the local production, and the economic growth.

Statistics expects specialized investment in the healthcare sector to grow by 5.2% over the next five years, which is equivalent to about $ 9.3 trillion.

Among Trust's investment in the healthcare services sector comes Sukoon Global Holding Company, which was established for the services that two fundamental sectors:

• Extended care services (long-term care)

• Intensive care unit (ICU)

Currently, Sukoon aims to expand its services to a wider demographic range starting with Riyadh.

The holding company also owns a stake in International Medical Training Center, Millennium Multi Medical Co., and International Medical Center in Jeddah.

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