International Investment Co.



Trust is a pioneering Saudi Investment company that has a diverse portfolio of investments. We grew to hold various investments including : Real estate, furniture, food, IT solutions, health and others. Trust investments reached further, beyond local markets.
Our portfolio holds investments in various countries such as:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Message From The CEO

Salman AlMashari

Dear all,
On behalf of the Board members and employees of “Trust” I would like to welcome you all and present to you our variable investments and honorable values, through our website.
It seems that only yesterday our company was launched, we are honored that it is a 100% Saudi company involved in different investments activities, such as real estate, healthcare services, information technology, furniture and others.
Our investments have extended regionally and internationally, yet our aspirations are unlimited.
We work in “Trust” side by side with the national development plans, we aspire to contribute in improving the quality of services and level of living standards of societies.
We measure our success through the satisfaction of our customers and partners along with meeting their needs and aspirations, we will continue our pursuit in increasing the efficiency of our performance and finding further advanced solutions and services.
I pray for the support in continuing our journey, flourishing the national economy, and the contribution in placing the Kingdom in the rank of advanced countries in all fields.

Our Strategy

Our company is founded on the ambitious vision of striving through to diversify sources of income by investing in a group of over 20 sister companies, while providing a strong and robust infrastructure to enable them to compete in the market. Taking into account the needs of our region and its qualities. Taking into account the direction of our country and its 2030 vision, which requires the empowerment of the national economy and free it from its dependency on oil and increase the confidence of investors in the Saudi market.

Our values

We are committed to building trust with our team, clients and society.
We constantly strive towards innovation and believe that it starts from within, and expands outwards to our diverse investments.
We keep in mind the concept of quality in everything we do; from services to projects, we work on bringing added value to our clients and partners.